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  • Inception of LiveMindz is clear in practice and solution. We strongly believe that there is still a large grey area in Information technology industry especially in Engineering solutions and resources provision. It is time and place we agree to that ! Shouldn’t we ? That is where we come in emerging from specialized focus and skills towards addressing Engineering solutions and resource gaps.
  • Today’s challenging business calls for a realistic approach that is time and effort in transition by the hour. Time to translate terms “customer satisfaction”, “Strategy”, “approach” and “practice” into single funnel by approaching in achieving them than referring alone.
  • Let us face it, We all are creative, exemplary and here for a cause and at LiveMindz we believe that in showing what it can do ? to what it literally means.
  • With Combined experience or do we say exposure of 20 Years in Information technology Industry it gives us a platform and opportunity of being the change. Let us shout that we are specialized in IT & Engineering area along with the whole 9 yards of Information Technology Industry. We are different from not just by practice but unique in Engineering Service area.

Why us?

  • Our approach is simple - “Let us put ourselves in the shoes of people on both sides to think from their perspective to fix anything and everything “. We mean our business to the letter.
  • We are here to survive, succeed and prove that our approach to IT industry practice in resource, solution and practice delivery are the next big turn. Yes we are that reliable and convenient company around you with a commitment with a superstore practice.
  • In a nut shell we can be your one stop for resource and solution needs in IT and Engineering space along with 360 degrees of Information technology service.
  • Did we say that we recently serviced a leading social networking customer by providing best talented resource to serve their purpose, Pretty cool ! Yes we feel that way as many companies could not deliver. Let us also add that not many days ago our team supported one of the world’s largest Engineering customer on their Lifecycle Management practice. Oh yes we almost forgot that the largest MSP is trusting us with our work and we will keep it up. The list goes on and on as we are busy making these things happen by day and hour …..

What do we serve?

Engineering service practice is our top hat, our service shelf ranges and caters to solutions and resources provisions in the entire radar of IT industry concentrating and specializing on Engineering lot.
Besides overall coverage few decks that we are proud to announce in our continue practice on multiple industries and platforms.

Engineering Deck

Engineering deck is one of our major and exclusive area that we are proven to serve, succeed and deliver. Ranging from Embeded, IT product , Hardware and Mechanical engineering service areas. Yes we did prove our survival and competitive ratio on this over time and effort.

Information Technology

From application development to ERP deployment and in between database , connecting middleware , we are end to end service , solution and resource providers. Not to mention the latest cutting edge Mobile technologies.

Infrastructure Support

One more feather to our shinning hat comprises or servicing in area of Infra. Diversifying roles including but not limited to Desktop support, Field and infra management areas.


Customers, clients and resources are part of our business and we do it with more attention and that places us in different segment totally.
Proud and happy to serve practices in Engineering IT and enabled services with big players and niche skills. We are not the regular team, that much we can say.

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